Lacaster (Las)

Beginner game artist

Work in progress

Freedom: Ascension (only in portuguese)

  • Cards design and illustration using Inkscape and GIMP:

    • Some studies of cards

    • Board scheme

Work done

Bloody Cycle (Incomplete - Game JAM)

  • Conceptual pixel art using Krita

  • Pixel art animations using Krita

    • Hero

      Nascimento do herói Morte do herói Rolagem do herói Ataque do herói Herói parado
    • Enemy 01

      Inimigo 01-1 Inimigo 01-2
    • Enemy 02

      Inimigo 02-1 Inimigo 02-2
    • Boss

      Inimigo 02-2
  • Scenario made in pixel art using Krita